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Your Journey into Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Coding.

Are you ready to embark on an exciting adventure in robotics? Look no further. SpiCodeX is your ultimate gateway to the world of STEM education and the thrilling realm of robotics.

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X1 The First Variant

Base View

Base View

Front View

Front View

Top View

Top View

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Side View

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With over 1,000 successfully Trained Individuals to connect with.

Getting Started

The X-Variant kit, experience, has been broken down into three different groups which we believe will not only help foster your learning, but also get you rewarded.


Make a purchase of your kit from our store, either for yourself, family member, friends, colleagues or neighbours.


Successfully setup the kit after purchase, as this will help you learn and also give you the experience of doing it yourself.


Make a submission of your completed setup with a video of you setting it up and stand to win amazing prices from us.

What Really, is the X-Variant Kit?

X-Variants are not just  robotic starter kits, but also a stepping stone towards innovation and creativity. Designed with multiple variants to take you deeper into the world of robotics, artificial intelligence and coding. As you progress through the variants, you will notice your problem solving skill and knowledge soar to new heights.

— introducing X1

Meet X1 the first Variant in the X-Variant series now available for purchase. X1 is your entry point into the area of robotics, artificial intelligence and coding in STEM education. With X1, you will be diving into a world of exciting features and functions, setting the stage for an incredible robotic, artificial intelligence and coding learning experience. Get started today with the X1 kit by purchasing through the button below.

Whats Next?

When you order the X1 kit, you have chosen an immersive learning adventure. Each kit is a treasure trove of components, from arduino and jumper cables, to chassis, wheels, geared motors, sensors and more. Your task is to assemble the X1 kit within a specific time frame, documenting your journey through out the experience via a video format. Once your video document is ready, share your setup video with us at our experience centre. If you have successfully completed the setup within the allocated time (or earlier), we will reach out to you with a gift. Your gift will be exciting branded items.


Changing lives one at a time is vital. Also bringing them closer to each other, to share ideas, share knowledge, get constructive and produce result.

It is a core value to us, to ensure everyone gets access to quality S.T.E.M education and also take part in the rapid advancement of the world through technology.

SpiCodeX is looking to fashion education to the current era, by making it interactive, through the use of STEM kits like the X-Variant.

We are not just building educational kits, but also a sustainable system, that will help advance S.T.E.M education in Sub-Sahara Africa.

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