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Science Workshop

Our Science Workshop, is to

The science workshop, is aimed at equipping individuals with the needed theoritical and practical knowledge of various science courses. The practical application of the knowledge from these areas, will be taught. It is our intention to help students go through their examinations with ease and confidence.

Subjects Taught


We will be teaching practical mathematics, using the British and Nigerian Curriculum to achieve the best in what we do.


Physics has been a challenge to a lot of candidates, as such we have decided to help our learners with a practical feel of Physics.


Chemistry is a broad course and alot of candidates complain of being confused and the feeling of being left out. So we are here to help out.


Our learners will be taught intensively on Biology with practical classes and also given a field experience, to better their understanding.


Geography sometimes appears to be an easy to grasp subject, but it is better to be covered on all sides as the goal is to not be over confident.


This course will focus on the technical part, which has to do with electrical and wiring also. This area will cover technology as a whole.

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