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Klevo 1.0 Comes to an end

On the 23rd of July, 2022 the first edition of the Klevo project came to an end with three person’s given scholarship to further their training and others who were able to defend what they had learnt, were given certificates. The training held for a month and was intensive, fully practical and worth it.

The robotics students were able to build an automated water dispenser using sensors, that works on its own and dispenses water when it senses the cup and also stops dispensing on lifting the cup. This was achieved in just a month of training.

The python development students, were able to write programs for calculator, a number guessing game and others.

The Ui/Ux students had learnt about wire framing and equally how to inteprete the wire frame using figma. They were able to create a User interface for a website hoome page and others did same for a mobile application.

For the extra two bonus courses, the social media marketing students learnt how to use hashtags, how to serve ads on social media and also how to create awareness and grow traffic. The business development students learnt a lot about developing businesses and also about elevator pitch and they were put to the test of defending it in front of everyone.

In summary, the first edition of the Klevo program was a success and alot was a achieved with over 200 registrations, we had up to 50 students who attended and also learnt a lot within the space of one month.

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