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SpiCodeX Launches Klevo 1.0

On the 22nd day of June, 2022 we launched Project Klevo which happens to be the first edition of the training. Klevo, is a one month free training focusing on some technology related areas like Python programming, Robotics, Ui/Ux and 3D Design. We also offer two bonus courses which are social media marketing and business development.

The Klevo project, was started to help introduce people into tech and also give them first hand information about various tech related areas thereby giving them the will to choose from any of those areas to focus on after the Klevo project.

The training is a one month training and will be hosted within every five months interval. One month of intensive and practical training after which the best will be given scholarships to further their training and also certificates will be issued to the learners, depending on how well they had performed through the course of the program.

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